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Lance Croucher


Drumming on pots and pans at age 3 and moving to his first set of drums by age 5, Lance Croucher was well on his way to becoming a professional drummer.  In 2001 he played drum set in the six-time world champion Blue Knights Winter Percussion Ensemble, and from 2001-2003 he was a student and board member of the Colorado Conservatory for the Jazz Arts (CCJA).  In 2003, Lance traveled to different parts of the world and played music with local musicians in London, Amsterdam, Rome, Prague and Tanzania.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Performance from The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in New York in 2008, studying with world-renowned drummers and playing at various jazz clubs in the New York area.  As an educator, Lance taught the Evergreen High School Drumline/Percussion Ensemble in 2009-2010 and has been teaching privately and for online schools since 2008 – helping his students to develop their own sound, style and technique through musical vocabulary, listening, feeling, and overall understanding and love of music.  Building on his long-standing relationship with Paul Romaine and the CCJA, Lance currently mentors young musicians in the organization’s Small Group jazz ensembles and is a regular performer/ instructor in Educational Outreach clinics.  Lastly, for the past several years Lance has been busy creating drum tracks for the television and film industries in Los Angeles and Denver, and producing, writing and recording beats and compositions for other people’s projects as well as his own – all from his home studio – and becoming well versed in Ableton, Logic, Sensory Percussion, electronic drumming, and hand percussion along the way.  Lance plays and records regularly with Mass Relay, Blucifer’s Ghost, Quirk and Tie Dye Sushi, and he plans to continue his career in Denver and elsewhere by playing, studying, teaching, and mastering music.